Looks like it’s my turn for Show and Tell!


Writing about me is not an easy task. I’m an introvert, preferring the role of listener in a group setting. In-depth, one-on-one conversations about topics of interest are my preference. Often I’ll ask lots of questions to learn about others rather than talk about myself. Solitude is important to me, and I enjoy expressing myself in writing.


Books are some of my very best friends. Being a thinker, I need these “friends” to fuel my insatiable desire for information. Close inspection of the bookcases surrounding me reveals a personal journey through the natural world, the metaphysical world, and my inner world. The photographs on these shelves, on my desk, and the walls around me mark the passage of time, and serve as a daily reminder that family is what I treasure most.


Of course, the cookbooks are in the kitchen. I seem to enjoy reading the recipes and looking at the photos more than actually doing the cooking! Making a great pie or a yummy pot of soup appeals to me much more than putting a meat and two sides on the table. I did it for years. Fine dining is a real treat, and I so appreciate the effort someone else puts forth to create a lovely experience.


The coffee-table books document my love of travel. This preferred souvenir along with pictorial calendars, which I save, reinforce great memories from fabulous trips. I’m grateful for the rich texture travel has added to my life. By the way, I pack heavy and don’t apologize!


I’m sometimes a reluctant starter, but a fierce finisher. A knee injury around mile 13 of a marathon in 2005 didn’t prevent me from crossing the finish line. Perseverance has served me well. Rehabilitating that injury introduced me to the benefits of yoga. Committing to a regular practice contributes to the well-being of my body, mind, and spirit.


Many times I’ve put myself in leadership positions - an unlikely choice for an introvert - with organizations I cared about: La Leche League to give back; Girl Scouts to build confidence and character in young girls; PTA because a strong link between home and school matters.
I only served as tennis team captain because it was my turn, but what fun to go to city finals that season!


Well, for someone who doesn’t like talking about herself, this is getting a bit long. In addition to my roles as a wife, mother, business partner, and now grandmother, I had a successful real estate career specializing in new construction. After enjoying the process of building several homes, it was rewarding to help others create the home of their dreams.


My life continues to unfold in interesting ways. The intention is for it to be happy, healthy, and long because there are so many more experiences to have, places to go, and books to read.