“My goal is to work as long as I possibly can. At least until 70. In fact, I hope I work so long that when I finally do retire I’ll be too old, too tired, and too sick to enjoy the few years I have left.”


Said no one, ever.


Yet to believe what most financial writers say, that’s the hand you’ve been dealt. You haven’t saved enough so you’ve gotta work, work, work. And slash your current budget immediately because you’ve gotta save, save, save. Even Suze Orman proclaims that 70 is the new 65.


Oh, and after all that working and saving, downsize those retirement dreams of yours too because, well, by then you’ll probably be a candidate for long-term care so there goes the old nest egg.


Wait a minute. Isn’t retirement supposed to be fun?


Didn’t you enter the workforce way back when with the vision of travel, relaxation, maybe spending quality time with the grandkids in your future?


And forget about that age 70 business. You probably had early, not late, retirement in mind. That idea hasn’t changed over the years. A just-published survey by Bankrate shows that Americans today think 61 is the ideal retirement age.


So what to do about this disconnect? Because in one sense those financial experts are correct--if you’re nearing retirement with little saved, or if you fear you’re going to outlive even your substantial savings, something’s got to give.


The fundamental problem with all the dire warnings about the impending retirement disaster is the false assumption that the traditional model of retirement is the only option.


You’ve heard the truism, “If you do what everybody else does, you’re going to get what everybody else gets.” So refuse to accept the fate that awaits you down the tried and true path by plotting a different course that allows you to retire sooner rather than later.


And to have all the fun you’ve dreamed of for years.


The direction we chose was moving abroad and we highly recommend you consider the possibilities it might offer you as well. What if you could enjoy terrific weather all year? Excellent health care? You might find yourself living in the nicest home of your entire life.


All with the money you have right now.


Retiring overseas may be an option you’ve never thought of. And it’s not for everybody. But if you’re heading straight towards a work forever/have no fun future you never anticipated and don’t want, maybe it’s time to think differently and be open to other opportunities.


As always, the choice is yours.

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