1. There’s never a “perfect” time for your big move.


2. Avoid “analysis paralysis.” It’s OK not to know everything.


3. Being fluent in another language is admirable. Being functional is enough (and much more attainable).


4. Arrive with your glass half FULL. Or better yet, totally full!


5. For couples only: 100% commitment from BOTH of you.


6. Rent first. You don’t know enough about your new hometown or yourself as an expat when you first arrive.


7. The kind of place you like to vacation is probably NOT where you want to live full time.


8. Decide what you want before you try to figure out where to go.


9. You may get to spend more time with your grandchildren living abroad than if you stay where you are.


10.Many places overseas offer better and more affordable health care than you currently have.


11. Enjoying a great lifestyle on your Social Security benefits is totally possible.


12. Say goodbye to sweating bullets in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter.


13. For couples only: create separate wish lists of your ideal location and compare notes.


14. Worried about safety abroad? Don’t. The U.S. is currently ranked #55 in the world (Canada is #8).


15. Decide what you absolutely cannot live without. You might be surprised.


16. If your monthly budget is $3000 or more, prepare to live like royalty.


17. It’s not easy but so worth it!



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