What It’s Like to Turn 70

I’m really not sure why, but when I was younger I wasn’t at all into celebrating my birthday. “Big deal,” I would say. “What’s to celebrate? It’s just another day on the calendar.” My mom threw a surprise party when I turned 21 and I was genuinely aggravated with her. What a punk I was.

Thankfully that surly, immature attitude softened over time as I came to appreciate what a precious gift even each day is. Now here I am on the final day of my seventh decade on the planet.

Considering what a milestone turning 70 is, I must admit that until about a year ago I never gave it much thought. Mental images of folks this age from our parents’ generation certainly didn’t conjure up anything pleasant. They looked so old!!

But since my 60th birthday was the most miserable time of my life (you know the story by now–drowning in an economic tsunami), I was determined that this one was truly going to be a happy birthday.

And indeed it is. Sure, I tire more easily. I no longer bound up stairs. I can’t recall the last time I frolicked or scampered. Yet in almost every way my life exceeds any expectations I could have had.

My health is excellent. I still wear size 34 jeans, take no prescription medications, and except for a few crowns have all my original body parts. And modesty aside, I think I look pretty darned good–for my age.

Much of that is probably due to the fact I engage in physical activity every day–3 at the gym, 2 on the stationary bike, 2 practicing yoga–and eat a balanced, healthy diet. Finding I can accomplish everything necessary in 14 hours, I often sleep 10 hours a day.

I’ve gone through spells when I seem more forgetful but that seems to be a byproduct of insufficient intellectual stimulation. Whenever I am focused on learning new skills or concentrating on challenging tasks my mind is as sharp as ever (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Cynthia may disagree but I’m flying solo on this one).

Earlier in life I was very much a “seeker.” Why am I here? What does it all mean? What happens when I die? I no longer engage in such mental masturbation. I think what Jesus really said was, “Seek and ye shall find—that there’s nothing to seek.”

I now know we all live a present moment existence. You can’t redo the past, and the future has this annoying habit of always being now instead of then when it arrives.

So what more can one really do than try to be the best YOU in as many of those moments as possible? They go by so quickly that it’s impossible to be fully engaged with every single one, but that allows room for continuous improvement, right?

In that spirit I try to lead with love and kindness. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Well, I’ve also developed a zero tolerance policy for BS. And since there always seems to be a lot of it flying around, melding those two wildly different aspects requires a Great Wallenda sense of balance.

But I digress. What’s it like to turn 70?

Fantastic! Phenomenal! Superb! Sensational!

Cynthia and I published not one, not two, but three best-selling books last year. We’re about to release a game-changing Program that is going to help so many people.

I am extremely excited about my life and raring to go. Please join me in a birthday toast to the best decade EVER!!!   

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