What a Year!!

Cynthia:  New Year’s Eve was surreal, wasn’t it? We started the day in New Jersey and were home in time to toast the New Year in Cuenca. Thanks for remembering to put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator before we left.

Edd:  Ha! That was pretty much the only thing in there! You know, no matter how many times we travel by air it’s always magical to me. We board in New York and only hours later step off the plane in Ecuador. I love it. But that wasn’t the only thing magical. How about those fireworks!!

C:  I think this was the first time we were in our Cuenca apartment on New Year’s Eve. I don’t remember ever hanging out the windows on the top floor to experience them all. My goodness, there just aren’t words to describe it. Random fireworks started going off around 10:30…

E:  Premature detonation.

C:  Stop it. And at midnight the entire city skyline lit up and kept going for almost an hour. Fireworks in every direction as far as you could see. Explosions. Music. People burning effigies in the street. It was crazy.

E:  The air was absolutely filled with smoke and the smell of gunpowder was overwhelming. What we’re describing sounds like something terrible was happening but it was really the exact opposite. This was an expression of sheer joy that made me laugh spontaneously like a little kid.

C:  I like what you just said. “An expression of sheer joy.” We had just returned from the United States with its boundless prosperity, yet the mood there is so divisive and negative. Here in Cuenca we were looking out our windows at such a demonstration of hopefulness in a country that by comparison has so little. Quite touching, wasn’t it?

E:  Absolutely. Like those effigies you mentioned. In many places burning them is an act of protest. Not in Ecuador. They may have silly masks like Homer Simpson or Batman, but they represent “out with the old and in with the new.” For extra good luck some brave folks jump back and forth over the burning effigies 12 times, once for each month. And not brave just because of the fire. Those dummies are stuffed with sawdust and fireworks, so a mistimed jump could mean the start of a very Un-Happy New Year.

C:  Yikes! That requires too much courage and stamina for me. I want to talk about our memorable 2018. We published three Amazon best-selling books that hit # 1 in 10 different categories back-to-back-to-back February through April. What an accomplishment to start the year!

E:  Yes, it was. We really had no idea there would be that much interest in our story. But with so many Baby Boomers approaching retirement with little or no money saved, maybe it shouldn’t have been such a surprise. By moving abroad we found a solution many of them are searching for.

C:  Which is exactly why we’ve been hard at work ever since creating Retirement Reimagined!, our online course teaching those very people how to rescue their retirement as we did by relocating overseas to a lower cost of living. It’s so sad to read all those articles advising our generation to work forever, live on a bare-bones budget, and continue to save more than ever before so maybe they’ll have a few years of retirement.

E:  Meanwhile we’ve been enjoying such a fun and interesting retirement life here in Ecuador for almost nine years funded by our Social Security. I’m super-excited to show our fellow Baby Boomers there’s another way to retire that can be better than they ever imagined. That’s why we’ve titled our Master Course Retirement Reimagined!

C:  So our mission for 2019 is to begin making moving abroad part of the national conversation. A lofty goal but we’ve got to get the message out there.

E:  And, friends, you can help us. A new survey shows that 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved. That’s just not gonna cut it, and it means someone you know is suffering financially but perhaps doesn’t want to talk about it. Maybe a lot of people. Retirement Reimagined! is coming out soon, and we want to help as many Baby Boomers as possible. If our Program is the answer you’ve been looking for, great! If not, do a friend or relative a favor and pass on our website info (www.eddandcynthia.com).

C:  Once Retirement Reimagined! is released we’ve got some other surprises in store for 2019 that we can’t wait to share with you! It’s gonna be a BIG year for us, and we wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year as well!   

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