Edd: Welcome to our brand new blog! After almost ten years of writing hundreds of posts that served as the nucleus for our trilogy of books, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement. How Moving Abroad Saved Our Asse(t)s, we are beyond excited to be moving in a bold new direction.

We chose the name Imagine ~ Intend ~ Create because in our minds this describes the process through which everything comes into being. In the fertile field of imagination a thought is born. Intention then sets what would otherwise be an idle daydream into motion. Finally, the act of creation transforms that idea into the tangible realm.

Cynthia: Edd, I’m sure long-time readers are already thinking, “Oh, boy, what happened to the Staton’s, and why suddenly all this metaphysical mumbo jumbo?” Well, a lot has happened, but we haven’t really changed, and we want our posts to continue being both informative and entertaining. Maybe even inspiring at times. Trust me, Edd’s wacky sense of humor is alive and well, but the chain of events he just explained conveys exactly what you see before you right now. The website, books, blog, and surprises yet to come.

E: What you perhaps noticed has changed is this new conversational format. We may not use it every time but it’s fun for us and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

C: We have so many conversations. For us, this is like reality blogging! Some time ago we both sensed that the unforeseen and unpredictable trajectory our life has followed over the past decade was for a greater purpose. Spontaneously relocating from a lifetime in the South to Las Vegas. The financial calamities. Moving to Ecuador. Becoming internationally known as writers and speakers on expat life.

If you’re new to this website and don’t know our story, check out the “Meet Us” tab for the short version. Read the Mission: Rescue Your Retirement trilogy and you’ll know more about Edd and Cynthia than you do about some of your closest friends and relatives!

Simply put, we knew it was time for something else..

E: The first step has been creating our books, and so much has gone on behind the scenes in the past few months to get them ready for publication–writing; editing; re-editing; creating the title, subtitle, and volume names; photo shoots for the covers; deciding on the fonts and colors; choosing the categories and keywords for Amazon; social media strategy. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that self-publishing is easy!

C: That being said, the whole process has been a labor-intensive journey and we’re happy with the results. And that’s just the beginning of what we have planned for 2018. We’ll be making a major announcement in a few months about a program we’ve been working on for over a year. Then later in the year you’ll hear about a super-secret–Edd said that–project still in development that you’re not going to believe!

E: Are we demonstrating the title of our new blog or what?

C: Wondering where this burst of creative energy came from? Next time we’ll share the backstory of how a simple idea mushroomed into a whole new chapter for our lives. Stay tuned—–!

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  1. Frank Varela

    Hi you two wild and crazy expats! 😉 I looked for the second volume of your trilogy on Amazon Kindle today and could not find it. When will it be available? Inquiring readers want to know!

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