Under the Covers

Edd:  Well, we let everyone know what went into the photo for the cover of “Leap of Faith.” Why don’t we talk about some of the other pieces of the puzzle?

Cynthia:  Like how many ideas for the title and subtitle came and went before we finally settled on Mission: Rescue Your Retirement. How Moving Abroad Saved Our Asse(t)s?

E: Or how the cover photos ended up so differently from our original vision? Sure, why not? We were dialed in on a certain title for so long. Then it somehow didn’t feel right anymore and we came up with another one.

C:  Yep. Then when we met with Lynne Klippel to enlist her expert assistance on the many things we were clueless about regarding Amazon self-publishing, she basically told us—well, she didn’t like it.

E:  I remember what she specifically said was that the title, while cute, didn’t connect with our core audience. Which is people who are concerned about their own retirement situation. We then realized that our original idea using the term “rescue your retirement” was right all along.

C:  Then you came up with the subtitle, that I have to say is pretty clever, of inserting the “t” to make “asses” become “assets.” Because in truth moving abroad saved both of them!

E:  Sure did! And the thoughts about the covers went through a similar metamorphosis. Mainly because everything we’d dreamed up was just you and me. With the guys from Area Focal on board we had to quickly get used to having impartial input from professionals.

C:  After explaining the story line we wanted to convey through the three volumes, suggestions started flying around. You originally wanted us to be peeking out from behind a rock. I was never keen on that one. Then we thought about a jungle setting since many people think that’s what Ecuador looks like. Oscar (our graphic designer) felt like each cover should visually demonstrate we were definitely not in the U.S. So we agreed with his suggestion for “Leap of Faith” to be shot in front of the New Cathedral.

E:  For Volume II, “Letting Go,” which will be available soon, we drove up to Turi, a small town that overlooks Cuenca and the surrounding mountains. That afternoon there was a lot of wind and you had to put your hair in a ponytail. In the best shot it was unfortunately behind you so that’s what I was referring to in our last conversation. Who knew that a ponytail could be added in with Photoshop?? I could have a full head of hair!

C:  At least in photos. How weird would that look after all these years being bald? We did the photos for Volume III, “Living the Dream,” in our living room. Only people who’ve been in our home will know how the final shot was altered, but what the Area Focal boys did is amazing.

E:  Besides drawing a smile on my exhausted face? You’re being mysterious, but I’ll reveal that after the photos we ate and drank all the props!

C:  So that’s some of the backstory about what goes on under the covers of creating a book. Besides actually writing the words, that is.

E:  Hey, you know what, I just remembered something. At the end of our first conversation where we were welcoming readers to this new blog you mentioned about “how a simple idea mushroomed into a whole new chapter for our lives.” Then we promptly got sidetracked into talking about book covers and titles.

C:  Oops, you’re right. Let’s for sure talk about that next time, because where that little idea started and where it ended up caught even us by surprise.

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  1. Arnold Reynolds

    I find these stories interesting and a fun read. Watching you work your way through this process must be strenuous for you but is is fun for me!

    1. Edd & Cynthia

      Arnold, glad you’re enjoying our stories. Honestly all this has required more, well—-everything than we could have imagined but it’s so much fun for us too!

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