Spring Has Sprung–a Leak!

Edd:  Happy April! Happy Easter! And in terms of the weather here in New Jersey at our daughter’s home, Happy April Fool’s Day.

Cynthia:  I know, right? On the calendar Spring officially began a week ago yet over five inches of snow is predicted for tomorrow morning! Not exactly what we looked forward to when we booked this trip to visit our family.

E:  I’ve got news for you–more snow is forecast later this week.

C:  Shut up!!

E:  I can’t help thinking of all those times you’ve stood on stage at conferences telling attendees, “After all, Spring in Maine is much different from Spring in South Carolina.” We’ve gotten so spoiled in Ecuador where the weather is truly spring like all year.

C:  I saw a neighbor with shorts on hunting Easter eggs in the yard with his kids. Can you imagine him shoveling snow tomorrow? Our weather in Cuenca can change a lot during the day–sunny in the morning, rainy for an hour or two, then sunny again–but I love that the temperature is really constant compared to this nonsense!

E:  And I was just reading an article listing the best places to retire in the States. Guess what was #1? New Hampshire!! Maine and Minnesota were also in the Top Five.

C:  For who? Penguins? Compared to Antarctica those states are pretty balmy, but please—-. The northeast has had like four nor’easters in the past month or so. Was this someone’s opinion?

E:  No, it was based on a survey of “non-retired U.S. adults.” Why even ask them about retirement locations when they’re still working?! Here’s a quote I found ironic: “What people think they want in retirement may not end up being what serves them best over the long run. It’s about a lot more than sunny skies and beaches.” Tell that to all the northern retirees who escaped to Florida and Arizona.

C:  Or Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Thailand, and lots of other countries with warm climates. Temperate weather was one of the main reasons we chose Ecuador and we’ve come to appreciate it more and more. I’m so happy that sweating bullets in the summer and dealing with snow in the—well, spring—is no longer part of our daily lives.

E:  We’ve had friends living in the States say, “Your weather sounds nice but I enjoy the change of seasons.” So do we, which is why we make it a point to come for visits at different times of the year. But living where heating and air-conditioning aren’t necessary is fantastic.

C:  And it sure keeps the utility bills low! I like having these conversations, and maybe sharing this kind of information with our readers is helpful.

E:  Me too. But I wonder if our Goldilocks preference for weather being “not too hot, not too cold” is universal. How about it, friends? Does the idea of “Eternal Spring” appeal to you?

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  1. Ken

    Good morning Edd & Cynthia!
    Gee I feel slighted. You left out the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as a warm area to retire to. Many folks are leaving Florida and Arizona for the Valley because of the high cost of everything and the congestion of too many people. But no perpetual spring here-darn it! That would be wonderful.

    Wishing ya’ll a wonderful visit with your family.


    1. Edd & Cynthia

      Hey, Ken! We didn’t pick the states talked about in our conversation so the author must have made a mistake excluding the great state of Texas. Thanks for writing. We are having a fab time with our family, especially those rapidly growing up grandchildren!

  2. Greg

    Hi Edd and Cynthia, I emailed you several times about a cancer cream. Did you get my email. We got your name from Bob G. in Cuenca. Just wanted to know the protocol for the cream. Where do you get it, how often do you use, etc. Thanks, Greg

    1. Edd & Cynthia

      Hey, Greg. No, we’re not aware of your previous emails. Gonna check with our system guys to see if there is a problem. Edd used Fluorouracil cream on his head and face last summer with fantastic results. There’s no set-in-stone regimen for application as you’ll see if you google it. He used it twice a day for the first week and once a day for the next two. Was going for 30 days but it became too painful. Don’t know where you live but it can be purchased OTC here in Ecuador. Good luck!

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