Setting the Record Straight

Cynthia:  Well, we had to delete a comment for the second time ever today and it was from the same person. Why use vulgarity in a public forum to make your point?

Edd:  From one of those anonymous online trolls whose mission seems to be spreading negativity. Those people are sad.

C:  What’s odd is that both times this commenter  was taking us to task for our reference to Cuenca’s “spring-like weather” because it’s been cool and rainy a lot recently. And the most recent post was in the blog about health care, which obviously had nothing to do with the climate.

E:  You’ve disclosed so many times over the years during presentations about Cuenca and the weather here that springtime in Maine is very different than springtime in South Carolina. Our recent trip to New Jersey is a perfect example of volatile spring weather. We were surprised it was really cold most of the visit and snowed twice!

C:  My packing was a little off, but sure glad we keep warm coats there. We love seeing our family, but I think you’ll agree we were happy to leave that frigid spring and get back home.

E:  And as we speak it’s a gorgeous sunny day. OK, so I want to set the record straight about three things. #1 is about the weather here. Yes, it’s been rainy lately because–news flash–it’s the rainy season in Ecuador! Geez—. But the temps are moderate (a light jacket at most is all you need) and the flowers are blooming as always. That seems “spring-like” to me.

C:  And #2?

E:  Our “friend’s” comments clearly indicate a belief we are shilling Cuenca as a retirement destination. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are tireless promoters of the idea that retirement abroad is a great solution for the millions of Baby Boomers who are facing financial challenges as they near retirement. But, folks, it doesn’t matter to us whether you come to Cuenca or even to Ecuador. If you decide to move overseas that decision is entirely up to you, and there are many great places to live abroad.

C:  You’re on a roll. #3?

E:  What got this comment deep-sixed was the reference to the feces of a male bovine animal. That doesn’t advance the conversation. So let’s set one simple guideline. We welcome comments and want more of them. And we certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with us. Our only request is that you are civil and respectful.

C:  That’s fair. And while not mandatory, having the guts to use your real name instead of a pseudonym is greatly preferred.

E: I love it when you talk like that.

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