Edd:  Apologies in advance to readers expecting a spirited discussion of Kevin Bacon’s iconic ‘80s flick. It was quite entertaining, but—-.

Cynthia:  We’re not talking about Kevin’s hot dancing in that movie? Shoot.

E:  No, sweetheart. A recent comment from a reader about destitute senior citizens in the U.S. living in their cars got me thinking about the fact that we don’t even have a car.

C:  I’m so sad to hear that news. When we decided to move abroad, being able to have a walking lifestyle was important to us. Eight years later, we still just don’t feel the need to own a car.

E:  Not even for a minute. I sometimes think about that great day when the guy at CarMax gave us a check for your car that paid for our container of belongings to be shipped to Ecuador. One of our best financial transactions ever!

C:  People are often incredulous that we walk almost everywhere. Over the years as our frantic social life settled down we now tend to stay mostly in our own neighborhood. And almost everything we need is within a 15-minute walk from our apartment.

E:  If most people put a stake in their yard, ran a line out say 20 minutes driving distance and drew a circle around their home, I’d wager except for commutes to and from work, 90% of their lives happen inside that space. The only difference is our circle is smaller because we’re on foot.

C:  It’s all part of our quest for simplicity. Gosh, I think about when we’re doing something like eating out with friends who are picking us up in their car. We realize they always have to consider parking which can sometimes be an issue, especially in the historic district. If it’s just us we jump in a taxi, pay two bucks and get out at the door.

E:  Plus there’s fuel, maintenance, insurance, keeping it clean—.

C:  And the stress of dealing with the crazy drivers here. I’m happy to have left all of that behind when we got on the plane.

E:  You know what’s really crazy? With Uber, Lyft, and all this self-driving car business we read about, there’s a great chance that we’ll never own another vehicle in our entire life! It’s kind of bizarre to even contemplate that possibility.

C:  That would suit me just fine. I love our walking lifestyle and would recommend it to anyone. With our mild temperatures it’s great to be outside where we’re actually connected to our world. And the occasional meandering is fun. When you’re in a car, it’s all about getting to wherever you’re going.

E:  Ah, enjoying the journey. What an apt metaphor for our whole life here in Ecuador.

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