Big Things, Small Packages

Edd:  So that mushrooming “little idea” you mentioned. What exactly were you talking about?

Cynthia:  About your growing frustration with the old blog. You wanted to keep writing but we both knew eddsaid was running out of gas.

E:  Oh, OK. So many ideas fly around in Casa Staton I wasn’t sure which one you were referring to. Yeah, you’re right. All the crazy shenanigans that folks are going to love reading about in our next volume “Letting Go” have long since faded away. Plus as your involvement has grown over the years, I wanted you to have a more visible role in the writing.

C:  Who knew I would start writing and appoint myself editor-in-chief? When we experimented with this conversational format in a local publication some time ago, it was fun. Plus we’ve been yakking like this forever so it feels really natural.

E:  But just abruptly stopping eddsaid after almost ten years didn’t feel right, did it? So we were like, “Why don’t we do what so many people have suggested and turn all those blogs into a book? That would be a proper send off!”

C:  Sounds so simple, right? We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

E:  Well, we brought it all on ourselves. We could have just copied and pasted every entry and called it a day. But that’s not our style.

C:  No, it’s not. As we’ve mentioned in the Preface, it was immediately evident when we went back to the beginning that your writing has–big surprise–improved over the last decade. So we felt compelled to edit every single one to make the text more consistent.

E:  Then we decided it would be interesting to readers if we sprinkle in eddsaid comments to, in some cases, expand the backstory of what was going on and in others to reflect on previous episodes from a current perspective.

C:  Then we took it a step further and added a lot of new Untold Tales that you’d previously felt were too raw or personal to share at the time. You know, I’m really glad we made that decision. Our life hasn’t always been idyllic and it’s important for readers to know the full story.

E:  So after we make all those alterations we notice, “Wow, this beast has grown to over 100,000 words! What the heck are we going to do??”

C:  Thankfully the answer came pretty easily. Looking at the entire time frame we could see that our journey has been in three distinct segments–the time leading up to our departure for Ecuador; the insane first two years; and the period afterwards where we finally come to our senses and began to design the wonderful life we live today.

E:  Three time periods–three volumes. Done! I look at our trilogy like a three course meal. “Leap of Faith” is the appetizer course. Tasty but not too filling. Kind of a suggestion of what’s to come. The next one, “Letting Go,” is definitely the entrée. It’s big. It’s meaty. It’s full of flavor—

C:  Slow down with the food references, I get the analogy. And, yes, Volume III, “Living the Dream,” is kind of like, dare I say, a satisfying dessert. What folks don’t know is that these books are just the beginning of what we have planned.

E:  Exactly. It’s too early to talk about any of that yet, but that “little idea” about maybe changing up our blog has definitely exploded into a new direction for our lives we didn’t anticipate. I say, “Good for us!” We’ve got a lot of energy and feel like we’ve accumulated some knowledge worth sharing, so let’s do this!

C:  Well, you certainly seem to have a lot of energy today. After this conversation I need a break. Let’s take a walk and agree not to talk!

E:  That’s asking a lot from your husband. The not talking part, I mean.

C:  I know——-.

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  1. Teresa Drake

    Nothing you two do surprises me anymore! So glad to see that Ed’s “leash” has been shortened somewhat. 🤣 You two are a hoot to read and a refreshing experience in person. Nice to meet and see “gringos” who actually enjoy their new life here and don’t just whine and complain. Ed, I said whine not wine.
    When you have slowed down a little, Ray and I would love to either have you over for dinner or meet you some where and buy you a drink. Looking forward to seeing where your travels take you.
    All the best to you both – Terri at the Drake’s Nest

  2. Edd & Cynthia

    Hey, Dave! Thanks for the kind words. While change is the only constant, not sure that it always represents progress. Witness the zombie apocalypse of hordes aimlessly wandering around staring at their devices.

  3. Edd & Cynthia

    Gosh, Terri, if we’re never surprising you any more guess we need to try harder! We’re off to the States soon so touch base with us in May for a get together.

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