Back in Touch

C:  Can’t wait to get on the plane tonight. We haven’t been with our family in so long!

E:  Too long. We were last in the States in April, right? What a crazy busy year this has been. Publishing three best-selling books in three months. And since then working, working, working on Retirement Reimagined!, our online Program.

C:  If we had known at the beginning what we were signing up for, I’m not sure we would have tried to do so much so quickly. But I am sure, and I hope you agree, that as we’re coming down the home stretch it’s all been worth it.

E:  Absolutely. The Guidebook is almost finished and looks fantastic. How many pages is it? Close to 300 probably. And I’m proud of the 30 plus Lessons we’ve recorded too. It’s all finally gonna be ready for release in a month or so.

C:  Woo-hoo! I know Retirement Reimagined! is going to help a lot of Baby Boomers concerned about their future. But I have to admit, we’ve been so focused on getting our Program finished this year that we haven’t done a stellar job with these blogs lately.

E:  Agreed, but honestly there hasn’t been much to share. Blog: we’re working. Next blog: we’re still working. We don’t even cook any more! That’s been a weird change.

C:  Well, that’s not totally true. During the cloudy, chilly days of Cuenca’s winter we did take turns making pots of soup, and cooking dinner at least once a week. But, yeah, other than that, oatmeal for breakfast and a grilled ham & cheese for lunch now and then about covers it.

E:  Getting food delivered has actually been a revelation. It’s cheaper than cooking and there’s no cleanup except for two plates, knives, and forks. Heck, we may never cook again!

C:  Slow down. I’m sure we’ll get back to it when we’re not so busy. Speaking of being busy, let’s wrap this up. We’ve got a plane to catch.
E:  Oops, you’re right. Maybe we’ll have some thoughts to share about being back in the States after a long absence. Stay tuned…

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