A New Chapter

Cynthia:  Well, after spending months publishing our trilogy of books it’s time for us to share with our readers the next “chapter” of what we’re up to.

Edd:  Indeed. We were humbled by all three being instant best-sellers and honestly surprised. But then we realized maybe we shouldn’t have been. With so many Baby Boomers at or near retirement age and facing a financial deficit, Mission: Rescue Your Retirement has a large audience.

C:  Every study and report coming out reveals the grim truth that many are woefully unprepared for their later years. At least 21% have $0 savings and the median retirement account balance is less than $20,000 for Americans nearing retirement.

E:  I read that 81% admit they don’t have a clue how much they’ll need (Hint: experts say a minimum $1,000,000 for a couple). We’re just stating facts here and not playing the “blame game.” The bottom line is there’s a storm brewing and millions of older workers seem oblivious.

C:  Or maybe, Edd, they’re aware they’ve got a problem but don’t know what to do. Sadly the financial gurus aren’t helping much. Over and over they recite the same mantra: 1) delay retirement as long as possible–at least until you’re 70, 2) slash your current lifestyle and budget to the bone so that 3) you can save like crazy. But then after all this additional sacrificing they warn that you should expect at best a modest retirement with the few years you have left.

E:  OK, regarding the first one, who starting out in their 20’s said, “My goal is to work forever!” Nobody. For the next two, Baby Boomers have spent their entire lives over-consuming and most simply won’t embrace doing a financial 180 no matter what the experts say. And who wants to bust their butts for so long that they’re too old, tired, and maybe sick to enjoy the few years they have left? No wonder so few are heeding the dire warnings and predictions.

C:  Plus if they’re in their 50’s or 60’s with little saved, let’s be honest, it’s simply too late. Having faced and conquered our own financial crisis in 2008 we know there’s another option that is rarely mentioned. The one we chose–moving abroad. If they only knew about it, so many people could rescue their own retirement.

E:  S-o-o-o-o—-we’ve decided our next mission is to make retiring abroad part of the national conversation. Through social media, articles and blogs posted to our website, and videos on our YouTube channel–whatever it takes to get the message out there. We want to help Baby Boomers retire sooner rather than later, live comfortably with the money they have, and enjoy the benefits of affordable health care.

C:  And for those who decide that following in our footsteps and retiring overseas is their best option, we’re putting together a complete program called Moving Abroad: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Rescue Your Retirement. This master class will take you from wherever you  are–even if you’ve never had a passport–through the entire process until you get off the plane in the country you’ve chosen. A tall order for sure!

E:  We’re having a great time creating videos for our YouTube channel, especially those  showing what expat life looks like. We’ve got ones coming up about your trip to the dentist, a tour of our apartment, our recent trip to the States. Folks curious about what it’s really like living abroad are going to love them!

C:  We invite you to come along for the journey and we promise to keep you informed about everything we’ve got in the works. It’s going to be fun!!

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    1. Edd and Cynthia Staton

      Thanks for the support, Spencer. Your comment about whether or not we are “typical” caused quite a discussion in Casa Staton. On one hand we got off the plane just like every other newbie expat. But on the other our life overseas has since unfolded in interesting ways that are, as you commented, perhaps outside the norm. In our program we intend to share every insight from our successful experiences to help others interested in Moving Abroad.

  1. David Hammond

    I have been watching Youtube videos about retirement-age people in the US living in their cars on public lands as a way to survive on a small fixed income. Living the good life Ecuador seems like a lot more fun!

    1. Edd and Cynthia Staton

      Yikes! We honestly had no idea things could be that bad for anyone in the States. Ironically our wonderful life here doesn’t even include owning a vehicle. Thanks for writing, David.

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