Isn’t Retirement Supposed to Be Fun??

“My goal is to work as long as I possibly can. At least until 70. In fact, I hope I work so long that when I finally do retire I’ll be too old, too tired, and too sick to enjoy the few years I have left.”


Said no one, ever.

Do You Need $1,000,000 to Retire?

The myth of needing $1,000,000 in retirement savings resides in the same camp as drinking 8 glasses of water a day--both numbers are widely assumed to be truisms although no one even knows where they originated.


Your Life Is NOT a Spreadsheet

Financial advisors go on and on about the “retirement crisis” facing millions of Baby Boomers. They quote the statistics from study after report after study that all reflect the poor saving habits of an entire generation.

Should You Take Early Social Security Benefits?

You are eligible to begin receiving Social Security benefits at age 62.

But should you?

According to SSA close to 50% of Americans start drawing Social Security as soon as possible. Yet financial advisors repeatedly warn that this is a bad decision.

How to Live on Your Social Security Benefits

More and more Baby Boomers are approaching retirement and according to reports many of them are heading for a grim future. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning & Progress Study, their median retirement account balance is less than $20,000 and a frightening 21% have no savings at all.

Throw Away the Retirement Calculator


Talk about having a bad day. I just plugged numbers I’ve compiled about the average income and savings of Americans nearing retirement into one of those online retirement calculators. It suggested, among other encouraging ideas, that I increase the rate of return on my investments to around 30% and delay retirement until I’m 108!!

Important Tips for Moving Abroad in Retirement


1. There’s never a “perfect” time for your big move.

2. Avoid “analysis paralysis.” It’s OK not to know everything.

3. Being fluent in another language is admirable. Being functional is enough (and much more attainable).

How to Find Affordable Health Care


Despite being part of the national conversation for years, achieving the goal of affordable health care in the U.S. has remained elusive. According to eHealth’s Health Insurance Price Index Report, in 2016 the average monthly premium for family coverage was $833 and the annual deductible for family plans averaged almost $8000. Ouch!!.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Your Retirement Planning


Retirement is not a one size fits all. While the whole idea of retirement planning escapes many of us, even a well designed strategy can unexpectedly go sideways. We had what we thought was a solid plan for our golden years until the Economic Tsunami...

What Are the Best Places to Retire?


There are lots of articles written about the best places to retire. Most often their focus is on the United States, and the topic may be the best states to retire, or the best city, or best small town. Occasionally you’ll find a story on the best countries to live in, featuring locations like New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland.